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Signe's talks and workshops:


Signe holds talks and workshops on diversity and inclusion, internationals in Danish companies, cross cultural collaboration and more.​ Contact Signe for an initial discussion - all talks are tailor made to your needs. 

Signe has served as a diplomat for over 20 years and has returned to a Denmark where identity matters more than ever, and conflicts between colleagues and generations have taken on new significance.


In her talks, Signe speaks about how Danes can improve their approach to diversity without compromising our work joy or culture. This applies not only to new international employees but also in relation to different social backgrounds, religions, skin colors, genders, or attitudes.

On a daily basis, she is a leadership coach for international and Danish leaders in Denmark who experience the intersection of cultures in practice.


Signe has numerous examples from her daily practice and has conducted a research project on integrating international talent into Danish companies and organizations. The research shows, among other things, that in Denmark, equality is a key value in society. In this aspect, Danes are close to being world champions.

However, sometimes the pursuit of equality can overshadow recognizing the differences between us and discussing the role these differences should play in workplaces.

Signe Biering's talks will provide a deeper understanding of how national culture can impact workplace culture when it comes to diversity. She talks about why diversity benefits your organization and how you can best achieve success through embracing your employees' cultural differences - while respecting the Danish cultural traits, such as valuing equality.

Diversity is a catalyst for innovation and success, but the differences can be challenging in reality, whether they stem from different countries, generations, professional backgrounds, personalities or religions.


Signe will help you understand the secret behind successful cross-cultural collaboration, helping you to navigate through differences with a sense of equanimity. She discusses how you can enhance your cultural understanding, strengthen communication, and build robust relationships.


Differences can help you recognize the strengths in collaboration. At the same time, these differences can encourage openness about what each individual wants to achieve. Successful collaboration begins with strong and trusting relationships.

The diversity in your workplace can make professional sense while also contributing to a positive work environment and building trust.

Gain tools to discuss differences so that they don't become problems but instead become a strength in collaboration. Signe Biering's presentation will provide you with an opportunity to understand the secrets of successful cross-cultural collaboration and learn how to strengthen professional relationships across diverse backgrounds.

All Signe's talks and workshops are tailored to your particular requirements - during an initial consultation Signe will often propose two or three different options for talks and workshops, to ensure that you get exactly what you and your organisation needs. 

Additional Info

  • Signe delivers talk and workshops in English and Danish.

  • For workshops - contact Signe below.

  • For talks - contact Signe for an initial conversation. For booking contact Athenas

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