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Laurence Paquette, Vice President and Head of Marketing

"Signe has been coaching me on and off for 3 years now and it has been the most rewarding professional and personal development journey. Signe is not only kind but she is hyper-ambitious on your dreams’ behalf. She can be challenging at times (in a good and annoying way), but we all need to experience growing pains once in a while if we want to grow."

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Sven Dethlefs, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing & Portfolio

"Signe is open minded and at the same time not shy of expressing what she considers right or wrong. It is this candor that stimulates a discussion leading to personal growth." 


Ch'ien Chan, Head of Design

"Signe’s method is very solution oriented, reminding me of my skillsets, helping me with management, solutions for conflicts I have at work – and life in general."

Danish Refugee Council

Charlotte Slente, Secretary General

Signe is authentic, a true judge of character, curious, industrious, loyal to her clients and discreet - and as such an excellent leadership coach.

University of Copenhagen

Claire Maxwell, Professor of Sociology

"Signe has coached me through a number of challenging situations, helping me to gain insights about myself and the context, so I am able to navigate a generative way forward."


Adam James Francis, Head of Europe Strategy & Executive Office

"Signe set an environment that let me open-up and unlock leadership qualities that I wasn’t utilizing and understanding the unique qualities I possessed that would benefit my company."

Royal Danish Embassy

Anne Louise Grindsted, Deputy Ambassador, Spain

"During our sessions Signe encouraged me to take steps in my career that I had not seen for myself and she helped me fulfil goals, that had been difficult for me to go for on my own."


Tine Lund Trauernicht, Project Specialist

"Signe is analytically sharp, empathetic and generates confidence. There was trust and understanding from the very first conversation.”  


Leena Abraham, Product Manager

"Coming from a different background, Signe helped me understand Danish culture and helped me to put things into perspective – and to grow my career."

Royal Danish Embassy

David Michael Schjerlund, Head of Trade, Paris

"Through the sessions, she has made me see false beliefs and dreams more than once. Watching them die (as she once put it) is necessary and liberating if not always pleasant."

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